An international consultation firm focusing on biotechnology and medical/healthcare technology/products.
Supporting clients’ business deployment through a wide network of Japanese industry-government-academia sectors.
Supporting clients’ international business development in collaboration with STII’s partners in U.S, Europe, and Asia.
Providing wide range of consulting services as technology development, product development, business development, market development, clinical development, regulatory support, corporate alliance, and financing/fund-raise.



STI International, Inc. (STII) is a leading international consultation firm specializing in life sciences, biotechnology, medical science, and the healthcare field. STII effectively promotes the strategic business development goals of its client companies worldwide. STII focuses primarily on the biomedical area including biotechnology, life sciences, medical science, healthcare, and Medical Informatics. In addition, consultation services are also offered to food and foodstuff industries. By the combination of skilled consultants and excellent partners in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Japan, STII provides highly efficient services to its clients.
STI International, Inc. (STII) offers consultation services to U.S. and European biomedical or life sciences companies seeking business opportunity in Japan and Asia. STII also assists Japanese companies in finding strategic partners in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. STII also assists clients in accelerating business/product development efforts in Japan and the Far East.
STII promotes international business alliance such as US - Japan, ECU - Japan, and Asia – Japan. The major business areas that STII is involved in are Biotechnology, Medical Science, Healthcare, Medial Informatics, and Bio Informatics. STII can also support the clients’ import/export businesses and provide intellectual property management services.
STII also acts as a consultant for corporate executives and other key personnel at client firms assisting them in the decision-making process in business development and strategic partnering activities.
STII's staffs have strong backgrounds in business development, and medical and biotechnology, gained by academic knowledge or extensive work experience. Bilingual consultants understand differences between business culture and styles in the U.S., Europe, and Asian countries, and can act as the liaison between cultures for their clients.
STII maintains strong relationships with companies, regulatory authorities, academia, and hospitals in Japan. STII developed tight links to many companies around the world in the life sciences and the biomedical fields.


Consulting Services

STII supports clients' business growth by providing wide range of consultation services.

  • Technology Development
  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs
  • Market Research
  • Market Development
  • Venture Business Establishment
  • Financing and Fund Raising

Covered Fields in Consultation

STII provides a high-level consulting services to its clients covering following fields.

    • Biotechnologies and Biochemical Research

    • » Bio Research Technologies
    • Protein and Gene Research (Proteomics and Genomics)
    • Cell Separation and analysis
    • » Bio Research Products
    • Research Reagents, Instruments, and Devices
    • Microfluidics(Microarray, DNA Chip)
  • Medical Technology and Products

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
    • Medical Devices
    • Medical Software and Program Medical Devices
    • Regenerative Medicine (Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy)
  • Healthcare Services

    • Clinical Reference Laboratory Services
    • Tests for Preventive Medicine (Protein and Gene)

Target Diseases for Consultation

STII has an extensive experience on diagnostic and therapeutic products for the following diseases.

  • Cancer
  • Women's Health
  • Prenatal Diagnosis
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Lifestyle Diseases
  • Endocrine Disorders, etc.


STII had successfully performed a wide range of projects. (Technology and market development)

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Laboratory Tests
  • Breast cancer predictive MDx for selection of modality (OncotypeDx)
  • Women’s Health (Infertility) tests (NGS): Varinos’s intrauterine Flora assay, etc.
  • Non-invasive prenatal tests (MaterniT21)
  • Comprehensive analysis of cancer relating genes (NGS)
  • Oral cancer ELISA kit:GST-π
  • MDx for Atherosclerosis
  • Analyzers (Chemistry, Immunoassay) and POCT
  • Drug for acute alcoholism (small molecule)
  • Combination Drug for orthopedic knee surgery
  • Drug for HCC): Selective FGR4 covalent inhibitor
  • Stem cell adjuvant therapy for hepatocarcinoma
  • Drug for glaucoma (dual FP/EP3 prostaglandin agonist)
  • Cell therapy and Gene therapy
Medical Devices
  • RFA for liver cancer (radiofrequency ablation)
  • Artificial heart
  • Program medical device for diagnosis of major neurocognitive disorder
  • Drug coated stent
Bio Research Products
  • Research reagents for molecular biology
  • Microarray/Micro fluidics: many projects
  • DNA Chip and protein chip
  • FFlow Cytometer/Cell Sorter
  • Gene amplification reagent
Financing and VB Establishment
  • Collaboration with venture capitals (WVP, etc.)
  • Consulting for venture capitals
  • Advise and support to Bio VBs (drug discovery, IVD, etc.)


Examples of Strategic Research Projects performed thorough collaboration with STII’s U.S. partners.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Treatment

    • Liver Cancer Drug
    • Liver and Kidney Cancer Drug
    • Hypothermia Therapy
    • Ophthalmology Drug
    • Bladder and Kidney Cancer Drug
    • GERD Drug
    • Parkinson Drug
    • Oncology Drug
    • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Drug
    • Bladder Cancer Drug
    • Ovarian Cancer Drug
    • Melanoma Drug
    • Oral Mucosa Drug
    • Renal Cancer Drug
    • Parkinson Drug
    • HCV Drug
    • Plasmin Ischemic *Encephalopathy Drug
    • Prostate Cancer Radiopharmaceutical
    • Brain and Lung Cancer and Sarcoma Drug
    • Gynecology and Breast Cancer Drug
    • Stress Urinary Diseases Drug
    • MAb Drug on Ovarian Cancer
    • Epilepsy Drug
  • Medical Device

    • CRO Lead Removal Device
    • Hernia Device
    • Intraosseous Infusion Device
    • Ophthalmology Device
    • Urology Device
    • Brain Aneurysm Embolization Coil Device
    • Dental Care Product
    • HT and HF
    • Urological BPH Device
    • Laser Technology Device
    • Mammography
    • Ultrasound Technology
  • IVD and Laboratory Test

    • Allergy and autoimmune Diseases Tests
    • Anatomic pathology system
    • Chem Autoanalyzer
    • HCV HBV Diagnostics
    • Hematology assay
    • Hematology POCT
    • Hepatitis reagents
    • Immunology Reagents
    • LIS Laboratory Information System
    • MRSA
    • MTB PCR test
    • POCT Molecular Screening System for Hospital Associated Infections
    • Laboratory Performance metrics
    • LDTs for infectious diseases, oncology or genetics
    • Molecular LDT tests using PCR for infectious diseases
    • Multiple Chemistry Assays per Dry Slide
    • POCT Middleware
    • Reagent automation module for analyzer


Tatsuzo Ishigami Ph.D., FAACC,
President and CEO

  • Current positions

    STI International, Inc., President and CEO
    Watervein Partners, Inc., Representative Director and Partner
    On-Chip Biotechnologies Corporation, External Director
    Tokiwa Bio, Inc., External Director
    Varinos Corporation, External Director
  • personal history

    Graduated from Nagoya University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
    M.S. in Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University
    Ph.D. (Doctor of Science degree) from Sophia University
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Aoyama Gakuin University
    Director of Main Laboratory, Biochemicals Division, Bristol-Myers Japan K.K
    Deputy Lab Director, Executive Director of Advanced Business Planning, etc. SRL, Inc.
    President and Representative Director, Clontech Japan, K.K.
    STI International, Inc., President and CEO (present post)
    Watervein Partners, Inc., Executive Partner
    On-Chip Biotechnologies Corporation, External Director (present post)
    Varinos Corporation, External Director (present post)
    Tokiwa Bio, Inc., External Director (present post)
    Watervein Partners, Inc., Representative Director and Partner (present post)


Dr. Ishigami hosts following groups as owners on LinkedIn, an international business network (Numbers of Members are as of 2022/01/11)